Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin Data from 5:40 AM
Steer a runaway taxicab through the wacky streets of Toontown as you follow the adventures of Roger Rabbit.

Toontown’s Newest Private Eye
With the recent return of the Toon Patrol Weasels to Mickey’s Toontown, Jessica Rabbit has decided it’s time to throw her fedora into the ring by starting her own private investigative service.

Catch a ride in a taxi and follow Roger Rabbit and Benny the Cab as they try to help Jessica Rabbit put a stop to the diabolical plans of the villainous Weasels. But beware—the Weasels are pouring slippery toon-melting Dip in the paths of passing vehicles—including yours!

Is this the end of the line for you and the gang? Don’t count on it!

Know Before You Go
Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin may close to accommodate fireworks performances.


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