Guardians of the Galaxy - Monsters After Dark Data from 2:00 AM
Join Rocket in his thrilling race to rescue Groot during this daring Halloween adventure—scheduled to return fall 2023.

A Fiendishly Frightening Escape
Do you have what it takes to save Groot from crazed creatures on the loose?

Amid the chaos of the Guardians of the Galaxy’s rescue attempt, Groot got left behind. Even worse, the Collector’s Fortress is now mired in a total state of emergency—and overrun with menacing beasts.

Your objective? Team up with Rocket to return to the fortress, distract the monsters and escape with his little buddy in tow—but proceed with caution. With the Guardians of the Galaxy involved, the plan is bound to run into a few exciting ups and downs!

Is It Too Scary?
Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark includes loud sounds in the dark and menacing beasts that may scare some children.


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