Star Tours: The Adventures Continue Data from 12:00 AM
Prepare for even more intergalactic excitement with Star Tours  The Adventures Continue* in Discoveryland. Rebels of all ages will board a Starspeeder 1000 and take off on a thrilling 3D voyage to stunning star systems and war-torn worlds, from Jakku and Hoth to Tatooine and even the dreaded Death Star.

Loaded with state-of-the-art technology and over 60 mission combinations, this is an experience sure to thrill the most devout Jedi in the galaxy.

Pre-Boarding Briefing
Make your way through a bustling spaceport until you see C-3PO tinkering away on a Starspeeder 1000 amid a throng of projection screens and scanners. This is your transport to outer space. But before you can board, make sure you follow the instructions relayed on the departures announcement monitor overhead.

Become a Hero of the Rebellion!
As you prepare for lift-off, a series of mishaps unwittingly causes your starship to launch and C-3PO to take control. To make matters worse, your transport is soon intercepted by Imperial forces hunting rebel spies. Fearing capture, C-3PO enters hyperspace and propels you on an unpredictable, frantic adventure to the farthest reaches of the galaxy and back. Will you evade the clutches of the evil Empire? May the Force be with you.


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