Disneyland Railroad Fantasyland Station Data from 12:00 PM
Embark on a relaxing 20-minute Grand Circle Tour onboard an authentic steam-powered train.

Listen to the clamor of the engine, the chug of the wheels and the call of the whistle as you travel aboard the Disneyland Railroad. From Disneyland Railroad Fantasyland® Station Offering convenient stops at Frontierland®, Discoveryland® and Main Street, U.S.A®, it's the perfect way to preview the magic of Disneyland Park and take in the picturesque scenery, such as the Grand Diorama, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Disneyland Railroad is also a handy way to get around quickly and easily. And because the trains are scheduled to arrive regularly throughout the day, you'll have just enough time to take in all the sights at your station before you board.


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